Unique Paving Materials is known for our asphalt and concrete repair solutions. But, we also offer products to help the entire repair process go smoothly. From large scale tools like our Pug Mill Mixer to smaller items like long handled shovels, you’ll find what you need at Unique Paving Materials. Plus, our tools are designed to work efficiently and compatibly with all of our pavement repair products.

Unique Paving Materials’ concrete and asphalt paving tools help to ease strain on repairmen by reducing some of the more strenuous aspects of repair. For example, our easy-to-maneuver pour pot makes asphalt crack repair an easy job. With portability and precise nozzle control, you can fill intricate asphalt cracks as you walk. If you’re looking for assistance at the very beginning of your pavement repair project, we offer portable pug mill mixers. Our pug mill mixers are designed to mix liquid and solid material for a consistent, blended cold recycled asphalt pavement, cold asphalt paving or cold asphalt pavement repair product.

Take a look at our full list of asphalt, concrete, and pothole repair tools below:

CRACK-N-TACK Portable Pump
Pug Mill Mixer
• Baby squeegee and refills
• D Handle Square Shovel
• Black pail
• Long handle round shovel
• Long squeegee and refills
• Lute
• Oil gate valve
• Pour pot
• Scoop shovel
• Sealer brush and refills
• Street broom
• Tamper
• U Squeegee and refills
• V Squeegee and refills

Contact a Unique Paving Materials representative today to learn more about how our asphalt paving tools and concrete tools can work for your pavement repair needs.