Asphalt Maintenance in the Spring

asphalt maintenance in the spring

The winter months can really take a toll on the well-being of your asphalt surfaces. When water seeps into cracks and freezes, it leads to expansion, making cracks worse and causing some real hazards. This can result in poorly structured surfaces, leading to extensive repairs or even injuries. To adjust to the warmer temperatures and new weather conditions, be sure to properly maintain your asphalt surfaces to encourage longevity and safety.

Elements That Damage Your Asphalt

You may be wondering why you should consider our asphalt maintenance tips for spring, considering your surface may appear functional and up to standards. However, asphalt that appears to be functioning normally is still susceptible to damage underneath if not properly cared for. Damage can occur in many ways, including via the following:

  • Surface cracks – Cracks of any size can store water, weakening the structure of your pavement
  • Raveling – This occurs when the surface starts to deteriorate, reducing skid resistance and leading to a bumpy ride for travelers
  • Oxidation – Oxygen seeps into the surface of the asphalt and lightens the color, which makes it more susceptible to damaging elements

Why Practice Asphalt Maintenance in the Spring?

Asphalt maintenance is conducted to improve the quality and extend the life of your pavement. With our asphalt maintenance for spring, your surface and budget will be appreciative.

The overall effectiveness of the maintenance depends on the original condition of the asphalt, which is important to keep in your expectations before the completion of any project. The following are reasons to consider practicing maintenance on your asphalt:

  • Prevention – Just like any aspect of your property, it is important to pay attention to your asphalt to ensure it is well cared for. Waiting for a crack to form or for an incident to occur inevitably results in larger structural issues that can be more costly.
  • Cost-effectiveness – Practicing preservation tactics on your asphalt allows you to save your budget for other necessities and repairs. Gradual repairs prevent large-scale, costly repairs later on. Overall, practicing asphalt maintenance in the spring can reduce downtime for bigger problems and limit unexpected costs in future seasons.
  • Environmental friendliness – UNIQUE is committed to taking green initiatives to make paving more environmentally friendly. Maintaining your asphalt can also be a part of this. By decreasing the amount of heavy construction that is completed, fewer greenhouse gasses are emitted into the air. Contribute an eco-friendly mindset to your project and shop some of our green products today.

Asphalt Maintenance Tips for Spring

As we progress through the cycling seasons, our asphalt is forced to undergo different weather conditions. In the springtime, it is important to rescue cracks and other damage from the elements delivered during the colder months. With winter coming to a close, we wanted to make a checklist of items to follow to keep your asphalt surfaces in pristine condition.

Check for Cracks

During the winter months, your surfaces are prone to cracks and decay. The first thing to do is check on any existing cracks in your asphalt surface and determine if they have worsened over time.

Additionally, the snow and ice melting away may also reveal any new cracks that might have formed. Be sure to note any cracks, since they have the ability to turn into much larger issues in the future. Once you take note of the damage, it is time to put your repair skills to work.

Sealing cracks will be an essential early step, and you’ll want to utilize a product like our KOLD-FLO® Crack Filler to get the job accomplished.

Practice Sealing

When the weather is dry, consider pavement sealing. Sealing is a great way to reduce damage to your surface and keep it looking its best. Spring is the best time to do this, as it can be completed once major repairs are conducted. And here’s a bonus asphalt maintenance tip for spring – before sealing, be sure to clean the surface completely to achieve the best results for the application.

Avoid Heavy Loads

Spring and summer provide ideal weather for completing projects. Unfortunately, the sun and harsh storms can weaken your surfaces over time, making them more prone to damage. If your projects involve heavy machinery or other items that are above average weight, try to move these machines periodically to avoid damage to your surface.

Keep Your Edges Clear

Grass and weeds have the tendency to sprout in places we don’t want them, especially once the spring hits. If they sneak through the surface of your pavement, their roots are probably causing damage to the foundation of your surface. This makes the asphalt’s foundation more susceptible to cracks and breakage.

For this reason, we suggest keeping your surface free and clear of any weeds or grass and other forms of vegetation.

Pick Up UPM® Spring/Fall Cold Mix

When it comes time to repair your surface, UPM® Spring/Fall Cold Mix is ideal and comes in a two-gallon pail. This specific product is specifically formulated for temperatures between 40 and 60°F. There are many benefits to using our Cold Mix, including:

  • Reduces future potholes and unwanted road damage
  • Holds up over time in all weather conditions
  • Virtually eliminates the need for re-repairs, saving time and money
  • Improves safety and appearance of driveways, parking lots, and streets
  • Requires no primer or tack coat, as it is self-priming
  • Open immediately to traffic

Additionally, we offer a pothole material calculator that helps you to purchase the correct amount of material to complete your job. This reduces the possibility of an incomplete project or the need for an untimely product reorder.

Benefits of Choosing UNIQUE for Asphalt Maintenance in the Spring

UNIQUE Paving Materials has been developing solutions to your paving problems since 1959. Our goal is to manufacture high-performance road repair products that save time, money, and repeated fixes.

Our team is constantly researching, developing, and testing innovative solutions in our lab to deliver products for even the most difficult road maintenance challenges. When you choose products by UNIQUE Paving Materials, you can expect adaptability, ease of use, and, most importantly, quality.

Check Out Our Other Great Products

In addition to asphalt maintenance in the spring, it is vital to practice maintenance year-round to encourage pavements that are not only durable but also safe. For this reason, we carry many other products that can be of assistance in your other asphalt repair projects:

Be sure to check them out and put their qualities to the test today!

Contact Us Today with Questions!

With spring underway, it is important to get outside and inspect your property to get ahead on damage control and maintenance. UNIQUE Paving Materials is ready to help develop a solution for asphalt maintenance in the spring. 

If you have any questions, please reach out today. We are always happy to help!

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