Since 1959, UNIQUE Paving Materials has been providing customers with dependable and cost-effective road repair products. In particular, our MICROMIX® mini cold mix was designed specifically to repair larger needs.

It is ideal for fixing smaller and shallower repair areas such as eroding concrete expansion joints, shallow pavement “pop-outs,” and other narrow and shallow applications.

Benefits of Our MICROMIX® Mini Cold Mix

If your repair needs include any variety of narrow or shallow repair areas, this cold patch asphalt will accomplish what many other small asphalt repair products cannot.

Our shallow asphalt repair mix is an innovative mix of our award-winning UPM®cold mix asphalt patch liquid and manufactured sand. UNIQUE® cold mix is our original cold patch asphalt material that is guaranteed to outlast the surrounding pavement over 90% of the time.

With the strength of UNIQUE® cold mix and the flexible adhesion of sand, MICROMIX® mini cold mix is an agile cold patch solution. Additional benefits of this high-performance, shallow concrete repair mix include:

  • Reduced total repair costs
  • Long-lasting coverage
  • Easy application
  • Warranty-guaranteed

Available In:

  • 50# bags

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How to Apply Our Narrow Asphalt and Concrete Repair Mix


In order to properly apply our shallow asphalt repair mix, we recommend to first clean the application area.


Then, apply our UNIQUE® tack coat to reduce slippage, ensure proper bonding, and extend the life cycle of your pavement.


Once the tack coat is applied, you are ready to apply the MICROMIX® mini mix.


After applying our small concrete repair mix, top with de-tack powder and compact. After this process is complete, your freshly repaired area can be reopened immediately to traffic, even turning wheels!

Why Choose UNIQUE for Small Asphalt Repair Products?

At UNIQUE Paving Materials, we provide customer service to match the quality of our products.

Our nationwide field support will be available throughout the life of MICROMIX® mini mix—starting from the very beginning of the narrow asphalt repair. On-site training for best repair practices is also available for those who prefer the expertise of a UNIQUE Paving Materials representative.

Wondering which of our solutions is best for your road repair needs? Request a free sample of any of our products today!

Contact Us for Shallow Asphalt Repair Solutions

To find out if MICROMIX® mini cold mix is the right option for you, contact a UNIQUE Paving Materials representative today. Our experienced team is ready to help you find the best solution for all of your narrow asphalt repair needs.

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