Answers to frequently asked questions about Pavegrip® asphalt adhesion.

You’re wondering about hot mix asphalt adhesion. Here are answers to your burning questions about Pavegrip® storage temperature, packaging, shelf life and injections into asphalt cement.

How does Pavegrip improve hot mix asphalt?

Pavegrip is an antistripping additive which helps to improve the tensile strength ratio (TSR) of the mix. Aggregates have a natural affinity for water. In fact, each stone has an invisible film of moisture even after drying. Pavegrip helps disperse the moisture allowing for a stronger bond of the liquid asphalt to the aggregate. This is also true for dust on the surface of the aggregate. Pavegrip helps disperse the dust to help improve the bonding. This action improves TSR’s improving test results such as the TSR test of AASHTO T 283.

How is Pavegrip added to the mix?

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