Preserve and Prolong Your Pavement with RAVEL SEAL® Asphalt Emulsion Fog Sealer

asphalt emulsion sealer

UNIQUE Paving Materials has the answer for all of your pavement needs. Looking to preserve or rejuvenate your pavement with an asphalt emulsion? RAVEL SEAL® Gilsonite emulsion is the perfect solution. Be proactive with this modified pavement preservation emulsion which is made up of penetrating oils and high asphalt resins. This asphalt emulsion product is designed with LOCK THE ROCK® technology to be able to restore asphalt-based pavements.

We take pride in our eco-friendly asphalt emulsion solutions, especially because they reduce greenhouse emissions and omit coal tar. When seeking a cost-effective alternative to preserving asphalt, we have you covered at UNIQUE Paving Materials with our pavement preservation solutions.

Pavement preservation emulsion use should be a part of multi-year budgeting processes. A great platform for agencies to evaluate their road system and plan for pavement asset lifecycles is Preserve your asphalt and prevent oxidation with our asphalt emulsion sealer.

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An Asphalt Emulsion Sealer Made Simpler for You

In addition to helping the environment, we are also helping you by making the process simpler and easier to use. RAVEL SEAL® emulsion is best applied when signs of wear are beginning to show on any paved asphalt or loose slurry, micro and chip sealed roadways, driveways and parking lots.

With this pavement emulsion, the asphalt will be restored to a like-new condition which will extend the lifecycle of the pavement by years.  By utilizing RAVEL SEAL® emulsion’s LOCK THE ROCK® technology, you are able to easily glue aggregate back down into hot mix asphalt chip and slurry seal pavement that has aged.

By rejuvenating older pavements, the pavement is still able to be preserved and its lifecycle will still be extended. Not only are you extending the pavement lifetime, but you are also saving your time and resources on repaving in the future.

RAVEL SEAL® emulsion is a ready-to-use formula that is easy for anyone. Simply apply the formula with a hand sprayer or a distributor truck. RAVEL SEAL® Gilsonite emulsion covers approximately .10-.18 gallons/square yard per one gallon. Our asphalt emulsion product is available in bulk gallons and totes. Once applied, the dry asphalt emulsion fog sealer results in a rich black color.

How RAVEL SEAL® Gilsonite Modified Emulsion Is Superior to Other Asphalt Emulsions

Our asphalt emulsion fog sealer is the best solution for your pavement preservation project. Not only is it easy to apply but you are receiving a professional-grade product. For our signature-grade Gilsonite-modified-asphalt-emulsion-based formula, the additional benefits are provided below:

  • Preserves asphalt and prevents oxidation
  • Extends pavement life three to five years
  • Slows deterioration in one application
  • Gilsonite-enhanced for UV protection
  • Rebinds asphalt and aggregate for added pavement strength
  • Seals pavement cracks and stops moisture from penetrating the surface

These benefits guarantee that RAVEL SEAL® emulsion stands up to ordinary preservation plans. Contact us today to get started on preserving and prolonging your pavement’s life cycle.

Available In:

  • 24# 2-gallon pails
  • 50# bags
  • 60# 5-gallon pails
  • 660# 55-gallon drums
  • 2,000# Super Sacks
  • Bulk tons

UNIQUE Wants to Be Your Pavement Solution

At UNIQUE, we are proud to offer easy-to-use products that are guaranteed to be durable and long-lasting. In addition to pavement preservation, we also offer solutions for concrete repair and asphalt repair.

Check out our other solutions on our website or speak with our team today. We look forward to helping you seal, preserve and extend your pavement!

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