Asphalt Pothole Repair with UPM® High Performance Permanent Pavement Repair Material.

Upon compaction, the aggregate and asphalt interlock, making the pothole repair stable enough for immediate traffic. The surface of the pothole patch will cure to the hardness of the surrounding pavement. UPM mix below the surface will cure at a very slow rate, depending upon the depth of the patch.

Please read the directions below for flawless, easy asphalt pothole repairs every time with UNIQUE’s UPM Cold Mix Asphalt Repair material. It’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

Sweep out any
dust, dirt, debris, or loose pavement
Removing water from the pothole is not necessary! UPM mix excels in wet weather and in fact can be installed in water-filled potholes.

Apply UPM mix into the hole and level off 25% higher than patch depthIf hole is deeper than two inches, install in layers by compacting first two inches, then adding UPM mix in additional two-inch increments.

Compact thoroughly with tamper, shovel, or driving over with truck tires. That’s it! Asphalt pothole repairs are easy and permanent with UPM Cold Mix Asphalt Repair.