At UNIQUE Paving Materials, we supply a wide range of products to both homeowners and businesses, giving them the key materials they need for both asphalt and concrete repair.

One sector that we regularly supply to is the masonry field, as many of our premium offerings expertly function as masonry repair products. Having the right materials on hand is vital for anyone in this field, and we’re proud to provide.

Read on to learn about the repair products for masons we supply, as well as everything else UNIQUE can offer!

Masonry Repair Products

Whether you are in need of masonry wall repair products, masonry wall crack filler, or other materials for your masonry work, we have the worthwhile products for you to utilize.

Some of our concrete-based products include:

  • UNIQUE® Fast-Setting Concrete Patch – Our concrete patch is fast setting and provides high early strength. Along with this, it offers such benefits as robust bond strength, freeze-thaw resistance, sulfate resistance, the ability to be opened to foot traffic in just one hour, and the ability to be opened to vehicle traffic in just three hours.

  • UNIQUE® Overhead and Vertical Concrete repair mortar – For this masonry repair product, the polymer-modified strength provides for long-lasting repairs for difficult application locations. Able to be applied to concrete, brick, mortar, stone, and mortarless stack-and-bond blocks, this masonry wall repair product additionally offers superior adhesion, durability, self-curing, and more.
  • UNIQUE® Highway DOT Ready-to-Use Concrete Mix – This fast-setting mix is ideal for a range of applications, including for deep patches on roadways, on loading docks, in parking garages, in industrial floors, and more, so if your masonry work incorporates such areas this is the product for you. Visit our page for a full look at benefits and attributes.
  • UNIQUE FLEXICRETE® XP Concrete Repair Mortar – This polymer-modified mortar has been designed to be easy to use for customers, facilitating simple concrete patching and repair with superior bonding and flexural strength. Features include a quick set time, resistance to abrasion and deicing salts, ability to withstand freeze-thaw cycles, working from two inches to feather edge, and more.
  • POSTCRETE GROUT/WS® – This hydraulic cement has been blended with proprietary ingredients and is used to anchor pipe, bolts, signs, seats, ornamental iron, equipment pads, and more, along with patching mortar joints, cracks, and holes in masonry walls. Benefits include high bond strength, 3-5-minute set-up time, easy clean up, and much more.
  • UNIQUE® Concrete Pourable Crack Filler – Our Gilsonite-modified asphalt emulsion concrete crack filler was created to facilitate the filling of cracks and joints in parking lots, driveways, and other concrete surfaces. Some of its benefits include being free of coal tar, cost efficiency, being able to easily adhere to pavement, excellent cold weather flexibility, and more.

As you can see, when it comes to repair products for masons, UNIQUE Paving Materials has the essential solutions you need. You can check out our full list of offerings on our products page.

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