Concrete Repair Projects: How Much Do You Need?

In a world with major concrete infrastructure, concrete repair projects can vary in size and intensity. Issues can range from structural integrity like a broken edge on a concrete step to aesthetic demands like injecting repair material into a crack. 

Regardless of the task, you want to be as accurate as possible when purchasing the amount of material for your project. This will prevent you from having an excess of product after a job is complete and reduce the chances of running out of materials during a project. Read on for a look at how to calculate for your needs!

The Rundown on Concrete Patch Repair

When you have a small crack in your surface, it is essential to treat it using concrete patch repair. Patching is a process used to fix a hardened concrete surface that has lost its ability to hold binding concrete materials together from the damage caused by environmental exposure or other factors. 

This process is rather simple, as it usually requires a small amount of product, usually found in concrete repair kits. The ultimate goal is to prevent further pavement disintegration and control deterioration. However, if your damage is more extensive and requires a bigger solution, try a total concrete repair. 

If you experience greater damage and need a solution, you can turn to concrete repair to achieve a better structural foundation. To assist in your project, UNIQUE Paving Materials offers a range of products to assist. We manufacture a variety of high-quality concrete repair products to help you achieve your ideal outcome on your project.

Planning for Your Concrete Repair Job

The approach to tackling your actual repair will vary between concrete repair and concrete patch repair jobs. However, the general checklist for each task will involve finding the right amount of product, identifying the cause for the issue, and preparing the surface. Not only will this enhance the current structural ability, but it will also help contribute to a stronger foundation for the future. 

Evaluate the Situation

Understanding the origin of the damage can ultimately help you implement the best solution with the right amount of product. If you notice a small amount of corrosion, there is a good chance the rest of the area is also undergoing the same changes. 

In this case, it would be to your benefit to buy more products and repair the larger area to reduce further damage. However, if you notice a small crack and realize it is from a heavy object falling on it, your concrete patch repair job would be rather simple and not require a lot of material. 

Prepare the Space

Regardless of the task you are working on, proper preparation is required. Surfaces are prone to corrosion, weathering and more. No matter how the damage got there, it can minimize the structural integrity of the surface. 

When it is time to repair your concrete’s surface, be sure to clean the damaged area by removing any loose material such as dirt or concrete particles and destroy grease or other forms of oil. After the crack is thoroughly cleaned, be sure to dry it completely before resuming your concrete patching or repair job. 

Calculate the Required Amount

When it is time to calculate the amount of material needed for your concrete repair job, remember to use a formula. The formula for concrete considers the length, width, and thickness required. When you start your project, consider the following: 

  1. Determine the thickness of the concrete
  2. Mark the length and width and multiply to determine the square footage of the area being covered
  3. Convert thickness from inches to feet
  4. Determine the cubic feet of the space by multiplying the thickness in feet by the square footage
  5. Multiply the number above by 0.037 to convert cubic feet to cubic yards

If the calculation process is not your ideal approach, we recommend finding a free conversion chart to use instead. Calculations are often used in order to achieve the right amount of material for a project. If you have extra premixed concrete after finishing a job, its shelf life is ultimately determined by the conditions in which they are stored. 

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