At UNIQUE Paving Materials, we have been providing customers with reliable and innovative road repair solutions for over 60 years. Our cost-effective and adaptable solutions are suited for all types of climates and weather conditions.

In particular, our UNIQUE® Highway DOT fast-setting concrete mix is ideal for repairing deep patches on roadways, loading docks, parking garages, and much more.

Advantages of Our Highway Patch Mix

The UNIQUE® Highway DOT concrete mix is a blend of hydraulic cement, sand, 3/8″ stone or gravel, and performance-enhancing additives designed for the repair of concrete structures. This fast-setting highway concrete mix can be used for 2- to 12-inch deep horizontal concrete repairs. Additional benefits of using this solution include:

  • High early strength
  • Excellent bond strength
  • Freeze-thaw resistant
  • Up to 15 minute working time at 70°F
  • Open to foot traffic after 1 hour
  • Sulfate resistant
  • A shelf life of one year if stored in an unopened bag or two years if stored in an unopened pail

UNIQUE Highway DOT concrete mix uses hydraulic cement to repair concrete surfaces rapidly with excellent bonding strength.

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Recommended Uses for Our Highway Concrete Mix

UNIQUE® Highway DOT concrete mix is easy to use and ideal for a number of structural applications. In particular, we recommend using this highway patch mix to repair the following:

  • Roadways
  • Industrial floors
  • Loading docks
  • Parking garages
  • Bridge decks

Our concrete highway patch mix is not intended for applications on unsound concrete under 2 inches deep. For thin applications from 2″ to feather edge, we recommend using UNIQUE® High-Performance Fast-Set Mortar.

Data Sheet – UNIQUE® Highway DOT Concrete Mix

UNIQUE Also Offers Specialized Concrete Patching Materials For Specific Scenarios

For virtually any horizontal structural repair application less than 6″ deep, try UNIQUE® High Performance Fast Set commercial-grade, rapid-setting concrete repair mortar. It contains hydraulic cement, graded silica sand, and performance-enhancing additives. Just like our UNIQUE® Highway DOT concrete mix this solution is high strength, freeze-thaw resistance, and allows for up to 15 minutes of working time at 70° F.

Need to thinly apply a polymer-modified, trowel-grade mortar designed to give superior bond, tensile and flexural strength on repairs from 2″ to feather edge? UNIQUE FLEXICRETE® XP repair mortar has increased durability to deicing salts and the high abrasion resistance giving the extra edge needed to succeed on your next concrete repair.

For non-structural overhead and vertical concrete repairs try UNIQUE® Overhead and Vertical repair material.

Instantly stop active water leaks or patch joints, cracks and holes in masonry walls with UNIQUE’s POSTCRETE GROUT/WS® Hydraulic Cement. Additionally, use this versatile repair product to:

  • Anchor bolts, pipes or signs
  • Grout base plates and equipment pads
  • Fill voids
  • Stop seepage from water storage facilities, tunnels, fountains and piers

Available In:

  • 24# 2-gallon pails
  • 50# bags
  • 60# 5-gallon pails
  • 660# 55-gallon drums
  • 2,000# Super Sacks
  • Bulk tons

Not sure which of our repair products is best for your road repair needs? Request a free sample of any of our solutions today!

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Answers to frequently asked questions about UNIQUE® Highway DOT (HWY DOT) Fast Setting Concrete

Here is where you can learn all about UNIQUE® high-strength, fast-setting concrete: Questions about preferred applications, placement limitations, curing process, packaging, shelf life, and much more. These are the answers to your questions.

What type of product is UNIQUE HWY DOT concrete mix?

Sufficient quantities (100 + tons) have a 1-year shelf life, smaller quantities last several weeks to several months depending on storage conditions.

The UPM® mix stockpile will form a protective barrier on the outside of the pile, which keeps the interior of the stockpile fresh. Do not disturb protective barrier until ready to use. Load from one end of the stockpile only. Stockpile on a clean, paved pad away from dusty areas.

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What type of packaging is available for UNIQUE HWY DOT concrete mix?

Features and Benefits

Fast Setting – High early strength, Open to foot traffic in 1 hour, open to vehicle traffic in 3 hours

Excellent Adhesion – To concrete surfaces

Durable – Freeze-thaw resistant, Sulfate resistant, Exceeds 300 freeze/thaw cycles

Versatile – Applicable to virtually every horizontal concrete application 2″ to 12″

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