For over 60 years, UNIQUE Paving Materials has been providing customers with reliable and cost-effective concrete repair products. More specifically, our UNIQUE® Concrete Pourable Crack Filler preserves and protects concrete pavement while sealing out water.

Key Features of Our Concrete Crack Filler

The UNIQUE® Concrete Pourable Crack Filler is a Gilsonite modified asphalt emulsion concrete crack filler. It was designed to fill cracks and joints in driveways, parking lots, and any other concrete surface.

Additional features of the UNIQUE pourable concrete crack filler include:

  • Free of coal tar
  • Cost-efficient
  • Easily adheres to pavement
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Can be applied to damp pavement
  • Safe and easy to apply
  • Excellent cold weather flexibility
  • Reduced traffic delays
  • Requires very little preparation prior to use
  • A six-month shelf life when unopened
  • Available in quart and gallon bottles, pails, and drums

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How to Apply UNIQUE Concrete Crack Filler

To properly apply our concrete crack filler, it is crucial to ensure that the ambient temperature is expected to be at or above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, you will need to apply the product when rain is not expected within the next 24 hours.

The surface should be dry or slightly damp and free of any standing water. UNIQUE concrete crack filler can be applied directly from the container or with automated applicator equipment. Multiple coats may be applied for deeper and undermined areas. If the crack filler continues to sink in undermined areas of the crack, add additional clean sand and additional crack filler.

For a smoother finish, pour or pump UNIQUE concrete crack filler into the crack ¾ of the length. Allow a few minutes for the concrete crack filler to seep completely down into the crack. Push the concrete crack filler into the remaining crack length using a “U” or “V” shaped squeegee. Multiple coats may be applied for deeper and undermined areas.

If UNIQUE concrete crack filler continues to sink in undermined areas of the crack, add additional clean sand and additional UNIQUE crack filler. Allow 2-4 hours curing time between coats.

If you need help applying our concrete crack filler, UNIQUE Paving Materials representatives are available to provide on-site training.

Why Choose UNIQUE’s Pourable Concrete Crack Filler?

What sets UNIQUE Paving Materials apart from other suppliers of concrete crack filler? To start, we strive to always provide high-quality products backed by superior customer service. Additionally, we create products that are suited for all seasons and weather conditions throughout North America.

Additional factors that set us apart from other suppliers of concrete crack filler include:

  • We employ some of the best lab technicians in the business
  • Our state-of-the-art laboratory has over 50 years of experience researching, testing, and developing materials
  • When creating a new product, strict quality control procedures are followed to ensure that it performs how it should and will last the test of time
  • Our highly skilled field staff is trained to manage the on-site production of mixes in any location

Also, we don’t only provide concrete repair materials to individual customers, but we also work with a variety of contractors, water and sewer departments, road departments, utility companies, city governments, and more.

UNIQUE Provides Pourable Concrete Crack Filler and More!

Along with our concrete crack filler, we offer a number of other concrete and asphalt repair products. Our product line includes:

Available In:

  • 24# 2-gallon pails
  • 50# bags
  • 60# 5-gallon pails
  • 660# 55-gallon drums
  • 2,000# Super Sacks
  • Bulk tons

Unsure which product is right for your road repair needs? Request a free sample of any of our products today!

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