Fixing Up Your Asphalt Speed Bumps

asphalt speed bump

When it comes to speed bumps, the end goal is to slow traffic, reduce speed, and prevent accidents and damage from happening. With all the wear and tear speed bumps endure, though, it’s inevitable that they’ll need repaired at some point, otherwise they won’t be able to fulfill their essential role.

As one of the nation’s leading asphalt and concrete repair companies, UNIQUE Paving Materials is the perfect solution for your speed bump repair needs. If you’re looking to repair asphalt speed bumps, we have exactly what you need to fix the current damage and prevent the need for ongoing, repeated repairs.

Products for Asphalt Speed Bump Repair

Finding the right repair product for your application is extremely important to ensure the longevity of your asphalt speed bumps. At UNIQUE Paving Materials, we offer two products for asphalt speed bump repair.

UPM® Cold Mix for Asphalt Speed Bump Repair and More

UPM Cold Mix is our signature product for year-round asphalt repair across a variety of applications. Our cold patch asphalt formula will permanently repair asphalt speed bumps, help prevent future damage, and improve safety of the overall speed bump and surrounding pavement. This dependable, cost-effective solution requires no downtime and has been crafted to be used year-round in all weather conditions.

In addition to its year-round dependability, this cold mix is easy to use and requires no heavy machinery to apply.

  • The first step is to prepare the asphalt speed bump by removing debris, ice, loose asphalt, and dirt. However, there’s no need to remove any standing water as our cold mix adheres in wet or dry conditions.

  • The next step is to overfill the cracks or holes in your speed bump with the cold mix and compact the mix with a hand or gas-powered tamper.

  • Continue this process of filling and compacting the defects until they have been filled.

Your asphalt speed bump is now ready for immediate vehicle traffic!

More Uses for UPM® Cold Mix

There are countless uses for our UPM Cold Mix, from asphalt speed bump repairs to filling in potholes. In large, highway construction projects where new lanes are created, our cold mix can also be used to fill and eliminate the ridges of rumble and snooze strips. 

Speed Bump Repair with MICROMIX® Mini Cold Mix

If you’re looking to fill in small, shallow cracks, MICROMIX Mini Cold Mix is a great option for asphalt speed bump repair. This versatile repair mix provides complete coverage of intricate, narrow cracks for both concrete and asphalt surfaces. Our shallow cold mix is guaranteed to provide long-lasting coverage and reduce total costs for asphalt speed bump repairs.

To repair your asphalt speed bump with our MICROMIX Mini Cold Mix, we recommend cleaning the application area before starting. Once the area has been cleaned, apply our UNIQUE® Tack Coat, which will ensure a strong bond to your existing asphalt. Now you’re ready to apply your mini mix. Top it with de-tack powder, compact it, and now your asphalt speed bump is ready for traffic.

Why Choose UNIQUE Paving Materials for Asphalt Speed Bump Repair

At UNIQUE Paving Materials, innovation is our key to success. Our skilled research and development team is constantly testing and developing new solutions to provide you with the best pavement repair solutions that will save you time and money.

We understand repairs for asphalt speed bumps may seem challenging, which is why we work hard to provide simple solutions at an affordable price. When you choose UNIQUE Paving Materials for asphalt speed bump repairs and more, you’ll receive the following benefits:

  • Excellent customer service
  • Experienced and skilled lab technicians working in our state-of-the-art laboratory to consistently improve products
  • Quality control procedures to ensure performance is up to standards on new products
  • On-site training and application, if needed, with our knowledgeable field staff
  • Concrete and asphalt repair products that are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions of all seasons throughout North America

Contact UNIQUE Paving Materials Today for Asphalt Speed Bump Repair Products

If you’re looking to repair asphalt speed bumps, UNQIUE Paving Materials is here for you. Our devoted team, coupled with our cost-friendly and reliable products, allows us to continuously outperform the competition.

Contact us today for more information about our products for asphalt speed bump repair or check out our online store to place an order today.

Learn more about our asphalt & concrete repair products

If you’re looking for the best in asphalt repair companies that can supply premium materials, UNIQUE Paving Materials is the optimal choice for you. The road repair services and materials we offer are proven to save time, money, and even repeated repairs.

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