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pavement repairs for bridges

At UNIQUE Paving Materials, we understand the importance of having a strong, functional bridge that is sound and safe for travel. As a leading provider in durable, adaptable asphalt repair materials for over 60 years, our team wants to provide you with a diverse array of products to effectively execute any project large or small.

Because of this, in this post, we want to highlight our variety of industry-leading products that are used for bridge pavement repair and protection by diverse municipalities.

Products Used for Asphalt Repair for Bridges

When it comes to pavement repairs for bridges, UNIQUE Paving Materials supplies just what you need. Whether you are filling a single crack or resurfacing the entirety of your asphalt bridge, some of the products that we offer include:

For a full list of the entirety of our products, as well as additional information, such as the purposes and applications of bridge pavement repair and protection, please visit our products page.

Patching Holes in Your Asphalt Bridge

Looking for an easy and convenient way to fix cracks and holes as part of your bridge maintenance? UNIQUE Paving Materials offers a KOLD-FLO® pourable crack filler as the ideal way to execute a quick asphalt repair for bridges. As a modified asphalt emulsion crack sealer and filler, this product gives you effective results for exposed cracks.

For information regarding applications of our KOLD-FLO products, feel free to explore our KOLD-FLO Crack Filler Instructions to learn more about how our product applies to pavement repair for bridges.

Sealing Your Pavement for Bridge Pavement Repair and Protection

UNIQUE’s INTEGRA-SEAL® Asphalt Sealer is the perfect solution to making the finishing touches to a bridge’s asphalt surface. Once you apply the pavement repair for bridges, you will be able to apply the non-coal-tar-based sealcoat, a product that guarantees no further pollution to our groundwater systems.

On top of that, our sealer is an easy-application product that guarantees increased durability and the superior adhesion your bridge repairs require.

Stop the Cracks at the Start with Pavement Preservation

The best way to sustain a sturdy, level bridge is to preserve the asphalt from the start. Before using a sealcoat for your bridge pavement repair and protection, UNIQUE Paving Materials offers a KWIK-LOK® Pavement Primer specifically designed to lock down chemical stains, oil, and other contaminants found on concrete and asphalt bridges prior to the sealing process.

After completing the priming process, our KWIK-LOK Pavement Primer pairs seamlessly with our INTEGRA-SEAL Asphalt Sealer to provide the strongest protection against future cracks, as well as the potential risk of alligator pavement.

Contact UNIQUE Paving Materials for Your Asphalt Repair for Bridges

With high-quality products ensured to meet your application needs, UNIQUE Paving Materials has just what you’re searching for in bridge pavement repair and protection.

If you have any questions regarding our products for pavement repair for bridges, or if you are ready to make a purchase with us, please contact us directly. We look forward to assisting you!

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