Green Paving Materials: More Cities Are Moving Away From Traditional Asphalt for Streets

One of the UNIQUE products that we’re most proud of is our UPM Green Cold Mix, which is an eco-friendly asphalt pavement repair product that focuses on protecting our environment.  And as you can see this article, more cities across the country are starting to push the use of green asphalt products for municipal street repairs.

Earlier this year, voters in Berkeley, California gave their approval to a bond that would finance environmentally-friendly street paving projects.  The bond was presented as a way for the city to start moving away from strictly using asphalt paving materials in its future road repairs.

Traditional asphalt uses petroleum products and various refinery and industrial wastes in its production, and streets themselves are sometimes covered with chemical sealants which can also pollute the environment (there’s a reason why harsh chemicals like these sometimes require hazmat safety lockers just to store them properly) .  Some states, such as Minnesota and Washington, have already banned the use of some kinds of hazardous asphalt sealants.

Community leaders in Berkeley are encouraging the city to use the approved bond to aggressively pursue street paving options that minimize the use of traditional petroleum-based asphalt products.  Municipalities across the nation are beginning to research eco-friendly options for street repairs, and UNIQUE Paving Materials is proud to offer green solutions that provide the same durability and quality as traditional pavement repair products.

And remember: when cities use UPM Green asphalt repair materials, more than 90% of the repaired potholes never need to be patched again.  That helps municipalities save money for their taxpayers while they protect the environment.

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