How Are Bridges Repaired and Rehabilitated?

bridge repair

According to an article published by the American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA), some shocking data was uncovered about the longevity of our bridges throughout the United States. About 54,259 bridges of the 612,677 in the United States are considered “structurally deficient.” However, many of these bridges are still in operation and open to daily commuters.

This is where we come in, because UNIQUE Paving Materials has been serving counties across the U.S. in bridge repair and bridge rehabilitation for many years through the use of our effective products.

Read on below to find out about the methods that go into a bridge rehabilitation project and the varied products we offer that can make a difference.

Bridge Repair Methods

Methods of bridge repair vary based on the size, material makeup, and equipment needed for the project. Some of these rehabilitation methods integrate technology to expedite the process, making the repair process more efficient. Some of these methods and key considerations of any bridge rehabilitation project include:

  • Substructure replacement – Substructures typically consist of wood, steel, or concrete. Each of these materials fall subject to deterioration over time through natural wear and tear. Experts can analyze these structures to determine if they are suffering a loss of weight-bearing capacity and what the root cause of the issue may be. Replacement via new materials may be the best approach for substructures.
  • Superstructure replacement – A bridge’s superstructure as a whole can also be analyzed by experts to determine if a bridge has major structural damage and needs to be completely shut down to public traffic. Superstructure replacements are normally performed with concrete slabs.
  • Deck rehabilitation – If a bridge is suffering from 20% deck spalling or delamination then it’s time to be replaced. Deck rehabilitation with overlays is best used in certain instances. Some of these include repairing the primary rebar layer, making bridge decks continuous, and economical repair tactics that minimally disrupt daily traffic.

If you are looking to start your next bridge rehabilitation project large or small turn to the experts at UNIQUE Paving Materials. Companies and municipalities use our products to help make roads and bridges safer every day.

Products Used for Bridge Rehabilitation

The UNIQUE Paving Materials team is ready to supply you with premium, reliable products to aid in your bridge repair work. Some of the asphalt and concrete repair products that our team supplies include:

If you are unsure of which of our specialized repair products is best suited for your road repair needs, request a free sample today.

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