How Cold Mix Changed the Way Canada Repairs Potholes

Successfully repairing potholes requires more than simply filling the damage using pothole filler and hoping your repair holds up. Cities, municipalities, and homeowners alike must research pavement repair solutions and gather information about each product to find the right fit for their pothole repair needs.

Niagara Falls is one such location. The municipality wanted a way to relieve the pothole damage, daily wear-and-tear, and general road stress potholes were having on cars in its community. Niagara Falls started leveraging Unique Paving Materials’ cold mix solution. According to CHCH News, cold mix is a new product in Canada this winter and has been producing positive results on the roads.

Cold Mix Has Led to Longer-Lasting Pothole Repairs

Cold mix fills potholes for longer spans of time than other products on the market. It’s guaranteed to keep a pothole filled for at least one year. In fact, cold mix can even outlast the asphalt surrounding the pothole when properly installed. And for Niagara Falls, this benefit outweighed any additional cost.

“The product cost is nothing compared to the labor cost and sending a crew out to fix a pothole two, three, four times,” said Derek Geisel, president of strataWORKS, a Unique Paving Materials distributor in Canada.

Niagara Falls began using cold mix as part of a pilot program in January. Since the program began, road crews have been repairing potholes throughout Southern Ontario. Crews make the cold mix using dry gravel and a blend of polymer-based liquid asphalt cement.

And the upgrade is paying off. After two months of continual freeze-and-thaw weather conditions, the cold mix solution has stayed in place on Niagara’s roads.

Since applying cold mix to its problematic roads, Niagara Falls has saved on pothole repair labor costs, improved the quality of its road repairs, and increased driving safety for its residents.

Check out the full news broadcast at CHCH News. For information on Unique Paving Materials’ cold mix solution or finding the best product for you pothole repair needs, contact us.

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