UNIQUE Paving Materials offers products for industrial concrete repair and industrial asphalt repair that are able to strongly perform now, as well as down the road. We are proud that our products are able to successfully help and support the industrial industry, as our products are used to help repair warehouse floors, warehouse walls, loading docks, parking lots, and other pavement sources.

We design all of our industrial concrete and asphalt repair products to be versatile and have long-lasting durability. Our products work in ideally any season or region, and can withstand any climate or weather condition.

With our proven history of excellence, we remain a leader within the concrete and asphalt repair industry. We continue to be innovative and constantly improve to stand out in the industry in a UNIQUE way. With guaranteed quality product performance, our industrial concrete repair products and industrial asphalt repair products are back by our precise quality control measurements.

Industrial Concrete Repair Products

At UNIQUE, we have the industrial concrete repair products to meet your needs. We manufacture high-quality products that are able to deal with any small or large project that you may have. Our line of industrial concrete repair products includes:

With our formulas, you have the ability to mix and match our products in order to satisfy your specific needs. Our high-performance industrial concrete repair options are the products that you need to bond quickly, repair overhead structures, and stop water.

With the variety of products that we have created, you are able to find the appropriate products for any type of concrete restoration, mortar repair, and other related concrete scenarios.

Industrial Asphalt Repair Products

We manufacture our own asphalt repair, asphalt patch, asphalt sealer, and crack filler in order to meet any industrial asphalt repair needs. Our array of industrial asphalt repair products includes:

Our industrial asphalt repair products are able to be custom formulated with the asphalt and asphalt emulsion additives, liquids, and mixes that we have to offer. This allows for the ability to meet your product specification needs.

At UNIQUE Paving Materials, we guarantee to meet or exceed materials specifications with all of our products. In addition, we offer testing and design services to help find the specific products to best meet your needs for the best performance. 

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At UNIQUE, we have been leaders within the road maintenance and pavement repair industry since 1959. Our products have been able to help save our customers time and money for years. Our team is ready to deliver high-quality products to satisfy your repair needs and save you from repeated repairs.

Want to see why we are a leader within the industry? Contact us today and get started with your industrial repairs!