At UNIQUE Paving Materials, we strive to ensure that road repair projects are as easy and cost-effective as possible, no matter the size of the job. As a leading concrete and asphalt repair company, we have been providing high-performance products for road maintenance for over 60 years.

We offer a variety of products to serve as solutions for your repair needs. From black top crack filler to asphalt crack sealer and even fast setting concrete, UNIQUE has all of the paving materials you need.

Try Out Our UNIQUE KOLD-FLO® Pourable Crack Filler

KOLD-FLO® Gilsonite Modified Pourable Crack Filler is a modified asphalt emulsion concrete and asphalt crack sealer and filler that is ideal for asphalt crack repairs in roads, pavements, driveways, concrete foundations, parking lots and other asphalt or concrete surfaces. It is a cost-effective and fast-curing asphalt crack filler solution for filling and sealing cracks from weather’s destructive freeze and thaw cycles. KOLD-FLO® pourable crack filler works excellently as an asphalt crack filler and asphalt crack sealer.

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Benefits of Our Asphalt Crack Sealer

Our KOLD-FLO® Pourable Crack Filler is the best choice for your road repair maintenance. Whether you are looking for pavement crack filler or parking lot crack filler, this product can meet your application needs. Our UNIQUE asphalt crack sealer provides many added benefits to your road maintenance.

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Are you someone who likes to get projects done yourself? Our KOLD-FLO® asphalt crack filler is perfect for do-it-yourselfers. With our one-gallon pourable bottle, it’s convenient and easy to perform repairs around the house and driveway on your own time.

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Our Asphalt Crack Filler Saves Time

In addition to being convenient and easy to use, our asphalt crack filler also is proven to save time. Road and pavement repair crews save time by being able to grab and go without waiting for kettles to heat thanks to this outstanding asphalt and asphalt crack sealer.

Use Our Pourable Crack Filler to Fill and Seal Cracks Right from the Container

KOLD-FLO® asphalt crack sealer and filler comes ready to go and does not require heating, special equipment or training to get started. It is a safe and easy way to use asphalt crack sealer and filler for multiple applications.

You can apply KOLD-FLO® Gilsonite Modified Pourable Crack Filler from the original container, a pour pot or a drum pump for faster application. Explore KOLD-FLO® Crack Filler instructions for easy crack sealing and filling.

Proper asphalt crack repairs start with a properly cleaned base. Use the STIFFWITCH® road broom to prep your pavement before applying KOLD-FLO® asphalt pavement crack filler.

Fast Curing Asphalt Crack Filler

Because KOLD-FLO® asphalt crack filler cures fast, usually the pavement and cracks that have been repaired can be driven on in approximately 30 minutes. This is a big plus for road repair crews who can avoid blocking off roads for very long. When you need to repair asphalt cracks rapidly, KOLD-FLO® asphalt pavement crack filler works fast every time!

Check Out Crack-N-Tack for Smooth Application of KOLD-FLO®

When it comes time to add KOLD-FLO® to your cement, we designed a product to be of assistance. With our small, powerful drum pump to help speed up repairs – complete with lightweight portability – you can avoid refilling pour pots and moving the drum.

Our CRACK-N-TACK® portable drum pump makes it easy to focus your time on conducting repairs, not hassling with equipment. It features connections that are easily set up and broken down. Additionally, it is powered by gasoline, which prevents the need for air compressors or electrical hookups. When it comes time to clean the drum and its components, simply wash it out with water and dish detergent and finish your job early.

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If you’re looking for asphalt crack sealer or driveway crack filler, we have all of the products you need and more. Our repair solutions are engineered to meet the needs of any application, regardless of the climate or location.

Contact our experienced team today for additional information about our crack filler products. If you are experiencing road maintenance issues, UNIQUE Paving Materials has the solution.

Product Specifications — KOLD-FLO® Gilsonite Modified Pourable Crack Filler

Our unique crack sealer and filler is called KOLD-FLO® Pourable Crack Filler, a modified asphalt emulsion product that is second-to-none for repairing street and road cracks, cracks in driveways and other pavements, and repairing concrete foundations and parking lots. KOLD-FLO® Pourable Crack Filler repairs many types of concrete and asphalt surfaces. KOLD-FLO® Pourable Crack Filler works well as either a concrete crack sealant or an asphalt crack sealant because it is fast curing and cost effective. For more information, browse our resource library below for safety data sheets and more.

KOLD-FLO® Gilsonite Modified Pourable Crack Filler Safety Data Sheet

Learn more about KOLD-FLO® Gilsonite Modified Pourable Crack Filler in our safety data sheet, including safety information, composition ingredients and precautions for handling and storage.

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KOLD-FLO® Gilsonite Modified Pourable Crack Filler Quantity Determination Guide

Get help determining the approximate quantity you need for your concrete or asphalt crack sealant with our determination guide.

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Below, find options to download a brochure and usage instructions for our KOLD-FLO® Gilsonite Modified Pourable Crack Filler. KOLD-FLO® Pourable Crack Filler is perfect for repairing many different kinds of concrete and asphalt surfaces. This modified asphalt emulsion product is great for patching driveways and pavement, repairing parking lots and concrete foundations, and fixing road and street cracks.

KOLD-FLO® Pourable Crack Filler Brochure

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KOLD-FLO® Easy Application Instructions

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Answers to frequently asked questions about KOLD-FLO® asphalt crack filler.

You’re wondering about asphalt crack filler. Here are answers to your burning questions about KOLD-FLO® Gilsonite Modified Pourable Crack Filler, such as container size, temperatures, sanding, sealing and shelf life.

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What type of crack filler is KOLD-FLO® Gilsonite Modified Pourable Crack Filler?

[dropdown_box start=”hide” expand_text=”answer” show_more=”show”]KOLD-FLO® is an asphalt emulsion based material modified with latex and fillers. KOLD-FLO® can be used on asphalt or concrete pavement as a asphalt crack filler material.[/dropdown_box]

Is mixing or heating required?

[dropdown_box start=”hide” expand_text=”answer” show_more=”show”]NO! KOLD-FLO® asphalt crack filler is ready-to-use right from the container. (If settling occurs from prolonged storage, nominal mixing may be necessary.)[/dropdown_box]

What size containers is KOLD-FLO® available in?

[dropdown_box start=”hide” expand_text=”answer” show_more=”show”]Kold Flo® is packaged in 1-gallon bottles, 5-gallon pails and 55-gallon drums.[/dropdown_box]

What temperatures can KOLD-FLO® be applied?

[dropdown_box start=”hide” expand_text=”answer” show_more=”show”]KOLD-FLO® can be applied when the ambient temperature is above 50° F and below 90° F. It is best to fill cracks in early spring or late fall, when pavement cracks are at their widest points.[/dropdown_box]

Is KOLD-FLO® affected by freezing temperatures?

[dropdown_box start=”hide” expand_text=”answer” show_more=”show”]YES! Freezing temperatures will destroy KOLD-FLO® during storage or within 24 hours of application.[/dropdown_box]

What size cracks can be filed with KOLD-FLO®?

[dropdown_box start=”hide” expand_text=”answer” show_more=”show”]KOLD-FLO® is designed to penetrate into cracks ranging from 1/4″ to 1″ width and depth. The larger cracks may require a second application due to water evaporating during the curing process. Shrinkage of material in the crack may occur requiring a second application.[/dropdown_box]

Does KOLD-FLO® need to be sanded after application?

[dropdown_box start=”hide” expand_text=”answer” show_more=”show”]NO! KOLD-FLO® will surface cure between 15 minutes to 1/2 hour after application, allowing for quick traffic access. Extreme humidity may prolong curing time. This asphalt crack filler takes at least 8 hours to completely cure. Insufficient curing time (during rain) may re-emulsify KOLD-FLO® causing it to “wash out” of the cracks.[/dropdown_box]

Can KOLD-FLO® be seal coated over?

[dropdown_box start=”hide” expand_text=”answer” show_more=”show”]YES! We recommend crack filling with KOLD-FLO® and allowing it to cure for 24 hours before seal coating over. Smaller cracks filled with KOLD-FLO® may be sealed over earlier, once KOLD-FLO® has cured.[/dropdown_box]

What is the shelf life of KOLD-FLO®?

[dropdown_box start=”hide” expand_text=”answer” show_more=”show”]KOLD-FLO® asphalt crack filler lasts 6 months minimum when stored properly.[/dropdown_box]