Since 1959, UNIQUE Paving Materials has established itself as the premier choice for all your asphalt and concrete repair needs. We have you covered every step of the way from repairing potholes to sealing in stains with our KWIK-LOK® Pavement Primer.

Pavement Primer from UNIQUE Paving Materials

Our KWIK-LOK Pavement Primer is a fast-curing pavement primer specifically designed to lock down oil and chemical stains on concrete and asphalt pavements before sealing. This pavement primer prevents bleed-through and aids in the pavement sealer’s ability to bond with the pavement.

This pavement primer is best used before applying our INTEGRA-SEAL® asphalt-based sealer or UNIQUE® Asphalt Resurfacer.

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Benefits of Our KWIK-LOK® Pavement Primer

  • Ready to use
  • Excellent adhesion to pavement surfaces
  • Locks down and seals tar-based sealers before applying environmentally friendly, asphalt-based sealers
  • Forms a barrier over oil and grease spots to prevent bleeding
  • Dries clear to conform with the look of the existing surface
  • Environmentally friendly, water-based formula

Using Our KWIK-LOK® Pavement Primer

KWIK-LOK primer should only be used on sound pavement. If the pavement is soft or has begun to crumble, the area should be dug out and patched with UPM® High Performance Cold Mix. You can also use KWIK-LOK primer over UPM® mix to speed up the surface curing process prior to seal coating. One gallon of our KWIK-LOK Pavement Primer will cover approximately 150 square feet (16.67 square yards) but will vary based on age, surface condition, and porosity.

The first step in applying pavement primer is washing off built-up oils from the pavement surface using dish soap or other non-solvent asphalt cleaners and rinsing the pavement thoroughly with water.

Once the surface is dry and the primer has been thoroughly mixed, the pavement primer can be applied directly from the container with a brush, roller, or spray equipment.

Allow KWIK-LOK primer to dry to the touch before applying a seal coat or resurfacer.

Purchasing KWIK-LOK® Pavement Primer

Our pavement primer is available in a variety of sizes, including:

  • 2# quart bottles
  • 8# 1-gallon bottles
  • 38# 5-gallon pails

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