High quality emulsions and additives from UNIQUE® Paving Materials

Asphalt emulsion is a type of liquid cement that is combined with water and an emulsifying agent. The emulsion agent keeps the asphalt molecules together, which greatly improves the asphalt’s binding properties. Emulsions are an environmentally safe, energy efficient and cost effective way to do asphalt repair. Asphalt additives promote pavement flexibility, improve binding properties, and can travel easily without separating.

UNIQUE Paving Materials can custom-formulate asphalt emulsion sealers, asphalt additives, liquids and mixes to meet your product specific asphalt repair needs. UNIQUE has a wide selection of specification-based asphalt emulsions such as Slow Setting (SS), Medium Setting (MS), and Rapid Setting (RS). UNIQUE has a wide variety of specification-based slow cure asphalt cutbacks such as Slow Cure SC 250, SC 800, and SC 3000 cut backs. UNIQUE also has a wide variety of asphalt additives available to help formulate your asphalt or asphalt emulsion product needs. Our additives are designed to increase your asphalt material’s coating, adhesion and water resistance properties to maximize efficiency and budget expenditures.

Our asphalt emulsion sealers, asphalt additives, and other asphalt repair products are commonly used to repair driveways, roads and other asphalt repair maintenance needs caused by natural weather conditions of freezing and thawing throughout North America’s winter seasons.

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