Bridge Rehabilitation in Plympton-Wyoming

UNIQUE Paving Materials’ distributor, strataWorks, used UNIQUE® Flexicrete HP Mortar and UNIQUE® Water Stop Hydraulic Cement to repair a bridge that had fallen into disrepair. The initial material that had been used in construction had deteriorated from aging and water damage, causing a compromise in structural integrity.

UNIQUE® FLEXICRETE HP Mortar is a strong and easy-to-apply material that is open to foot and vehicle traffic within 8 hours of the applications. It also has increased freeze-thaw durability, making it a great option for climates that are prone to cold winters.

The product in this demonstration was mixed in 50 lb. batches and applied by hand trowel. After reaching initial cure, UNIQUE® Water Stop Hydraulic Cement was applied as a top coat to further ensure the protection of the bridge.

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