The Best Products for Repairing Asphalt Tennis Courts

At UNIQUE Paving Materials, we understand the importance of a well-maintained tennis court and know that to service your court properly you need to find the best products on the market. As a supplier of products for repairing tennis courts, we’re here to walk you through repair options for your municipal tennis court. 

Products Used to Repair Asphalt Tennis Courts

Repairing an asphalt tennis court can be a simple or elaborate task depending on how extensive the damage is, ranging from a simple crack fill to an entire resurface of the court. To repair your asphalt tennis courts you may need:

Before choosing your products, assess your court and determine what kinds of cracks it features and what caused them. You will want to consider the depth of the cracks and whether they were caused by seasonal thawing or an underlying issue. After assessing your court, you’ll be ready to repair a crack or resurface your tennis court.

Filling a Crack in Your Asphalt Tennis Court

If a crack is not deep and is caused merely by freeze-thaw cycles, it can easily be repaired with pourable crack filler. Before applying the crack filler, the affected areas should be cleaned and prepped for repair.

To repair your asphalt tennis court quickly and cost-effectively, try our KOLD-FLO® Crack Filler, a modified asphalt emulsion concrete and asphalt crack filler that is ideal for filling cracks that are the result of freeze-thaw cycles. After cleaning the area, simply use our one-gallon pourable bottle of crack filler and apply to the crack.

Resurfacing Alligatored Areas on Your Asphalt Tennis Court

If your court has no structural issues and has proper drainage and slope, it could be resurfaced in addition to filling cracks. Resurfacing a tennis court will provide an unblemished surface that maintains the original feel and tension of the court. When considering repairing asphalt tennis courts, resurfacing is a more extensive process that will ultimately extend the life of your court.

Resurfacing your tennis court will first require all cracks to be filled. Once cracks are filled, you can continue the process of repairing your ravelling and alligatored asphalt areas on your tennis courts with asphalt resurfacer.

To get the job done right, we recommend the UNIQUE® Asphalt Resurfacer. This product is a Gilsonite-modified asphalt resurfacer designed to seal aged raveling and alligatored asphalt pavements while also protecting the surface against water, moisture, and deicing salts.

A Seal Coat for Your Asphalt Tennis Court

If your tennis court is in good shape and all alligatored areas have been effectively repaired with our crack filler asphalt resurfacer, and both have cured,  you can now apply our INTEGRA-SEAL® Asphalt Sealer to ensure that your surface looks great and uniform from end to end. This product is a professional-grade, premium pavement sealer engineered to seal, protect and beautify aging asphalt without the odors or health and environmental concerns associated with coal tar-based sealers.

Repairing asphalt tennis courts is no small feat, but it can be achieved with ease if the right products are used. Whether your court needs a simple crack repair, resurfacing for ravelling or alligatored areas, or a seal coat overlay, UNIQUE Paving Materials offers the best products for repairing tennis courts.

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