Tips for How to Fill Large Cracks in Concrete

how to fill large cracks in concrete

Driveway cracks form in different shapes and sizes. Oftentimes, grabbing some gloves and going with a DIY approach can save both time and money when you’re looking to fix these issues.

With UNIQUE Paving Materials you can secure the right products to promote the overall longevity of your pavement. Approaching how to fill large cracks in concrete may seem like a troublesome task for homeowners, but it is achievable with products and tips designed to simplify the process. We’ll examine the method to filling large cracks in concrete below.

1. When Looking to Fill Large Cracks in Concrete, Check the Weather and Conditions

If you live in an area where the weather is a little unpredictable – Cleveland weather, for instance, likes to surprise us with a range of elements – it is essential to look for a time when clear skies are expected before you start to fill large cracks in concrete.

Additionally, it is important to note that best results are produced on dry surfaces that are clean. If you are performing repairs after the winter months, be sure to wash salt and dirt out of any cracks for a quality outcome.

2. Obtain PPE to Fill Large Cracks in Concrete

When prepping and cleaning the surface to make it ready for repair, we recommend wearing goggles. This is done to prevent any dust or loose particles from getting in your eyes while cleaning. Gloves are also important when handling the fillers.

Protecting your skin can prevent any chemicals from entering openings in your skin, and additional steps to take would include wearing long sleeves and pants to ensure that minimal skin is exposed.

3. Know About Applications

After cleansing the surface and preparing with the right PPE, it is important to note miscellaneous application features before filling the large cracks in concrete.

  • For the best results, know the shelf-life of your product. Many concrete repair tools are often useful for up to six months.

  • It is essential to let your filling job dry completely before allowing regular traffic to resume overtop of it.

  • Some jobs require multiple applications. This methodology can be effective for repairing cracks that have a lot of depth to them.
  • Some fillers may specify a certain range of temperature for optimal setting conditions, so it is important to note that as well.

4. Complete the Job

When you fill large cracks in concrete, it is important to allow everything to set properly. This means waiting for everything to dry completely and finishing with a quality sealer. A sealer is beneficial for many reasons and is known to protect surfaces from water, salt, dirt, and other contaminants.

5. Choose UNIQUE Paving Materials When Filling Large Cracks in Concrete

With decades of experience, UNIQUE Paving Materials has formulated a wide array of concrete repair solutions. Engineered and tested for performance, the products of our laboratory will be an asset to your next concrete repair project.

With their ability to preserve, protect, and beautify pavements, our concrete resurfacing and crack filling products are composed with UNIQUE’s signature grade Gilsonite-modified asphalt emulsion, special polymers, and additional additives.

Not only are our products effective, but they’re also user-friendly to the DIYer. However, we have representatives available to provide on-site training if needed. We also supply products designed for other areas of your home, including patios, if you’re looking to make additional fixes.

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