Types of Pavement Damage to Be Aware Of

asphalt damage types

Over time, paved surfaces weather and become damaged due to a number of factors like climate, traffic, regular wear and tear, and even the initial construction and materials used. While this is inevitable, it’s important to recognize types of pavement damage early on in order to prevent costly repairs and maintain public safety. 

Concrete and asphalt damage types will vary depending on where you’re located and how heavily a particular area is trafficked. In this article, we’ll review some different types of pavement damage to be aware of and how you can go about preventing, repairing, and prolonging the life of your paved surfaces!

The Importance of Recognizing Types of Asphalt Damage Early On

Paved surfaces can be found almost anywhere you look, which is why it’s important to address any types of asphalt damage or pavement damage types early on. Due to climate, regular use, and time, these damages are unavoidable. Ensuring paved walkways and asphalt roads receive maintenance and repairs regularly will prevent more serious, ongoing issues and guarantee the safety of pedestrians, drivers, and vehicles.

Distinctions Between Asphalt Damage Types vs. Types of Pavement Damage

Although the terms are often used interchangeably, pavement and asphalt each are made for distinct purposes in mind. Pavement surfaces, which may include concreate, brick, stone slabs, and sometimes asphalt, are most efficient when used in areas that will be foot trafficked. They are made to contain a high amount of grip that prevents people from slipping. Addressing types of pavement damage regularly ensures safety for those who are walking on the surface. 

Asphalt, on the other hand, is made smoother and is able to bear large amounts of weight for long periods of time. Asphalt is most commonly used for roadways due to these unique features.Asphalt damage types should be addressed in a timely manner to ensure the safety of drivers and their vehicles. 

Asphalt can occasionally be an alternative to pavement and vice versa, however it does pose some disadvantages. Asphalt greatly absorbs heat which makes it less suitable for walking for instance. It is important to know the difference between these two when making any types of repairs to ensure the longest and most efficient results.

Most Common Types of Asphalt Damage and Pavement Damage

Below are the main types of damage that tend to occur on paved surfaces and asphalt surfaces.


We all strongly dislike when we’re driving along and accidentally hit a pothole. Potholes occur when the area below the surface of asphalt has been damaged, left unrepaired, and ultimately fails. A depression in the pavement occurs, which can be dangerous and lead to injuries and vehicle damage.

Fatigue Cracking

Another very common type of asphalt damage is fatigue cracking, which often mimics the look of alligator skin or a spider web. This asphalt damage type typically occurs due to water damage or an improperly installed subsurface.

Block Cracks

This type of cracking appears rather random in shape and often spreads apart over a few feet. These cracks develop when asphalt does not get a lot of traffic and the surface area shrinks over time. If these types of block cracks are not filled, they could result in water penetration and other problems. 


Rutting is most commonly caused by vehicle traffic. Ruts are depressions in the shape and the direction of commonly trafficked areas. Often, they will look the same size and shape as vehicle tire tracks. This type of asphalt damage will develop if the asphalt does not have the capacity to bear the weight that is being carried on it over a period of time.


Upheaval occurs when there is a swelling of the subgrade, which causes an upward movement. It appears as a raised, often broken-open area of asphalt. It is usually caused by frost or expanding soils.

More Severe Types of Asphalt Damage

More severe types of pavements and asphalt damage include blowouts, sinkholes, and linear cracks which often stretch to multiple feet in length and should be addressed immediately.

Addressing Types of Asphalt Damage and Pavement Damage

Understanding how to best address different types of pavement damage and asphalt damage can have huge benefits. Not only will these surfaces maintain a more aesthetic appearance over time, but they will be safe for vehicle and pedestrian traffic. UNIQUE Paving Materials carries a wide variety of products to address concrete and asphalt damages.

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