Our industry-leading lab and R & D team is continuously researching, testing and developing new pavement preservation solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of the pavement repair market.

From creating environmentally-safe cold mix to engineering new applications that solve the pavement repair industry’s most challenging problems, our vision is Unique.

New Repair Applications

Our R & D team recognizes that crack repair crews and do-it-yourselfers look to UNIQUE for comprehensive pavement repair solutions. That is why the UNIQUE lab works hard to create innovative solutions to your pavement repair challenges.

In addition to creating pavement repair solutions for our municipal customers, our team develops pavement patching solutions that can be used for small-batch repairs in driveways and parking lots, as well as the tools needed to apply them. Check out our store to see our application tool and pavement repair solutions.

New Solutions for Producers

While our core focus with producers is our signature UPM® cold mix asphalt line, the R & D team at UNIQUE is continuously researching new pavement repair solutions.

Pavegrip hot mix adhesion promoter is the latest result of our efforts. We also provide raw materials testing for producers.

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