UNIQUE has available portable pug mill plants to meet your mix production needs. These portable machines are designed to mix solid materials, such as crushed limestone aggregate with a liquid, preferably UPM® Liquid Blend, to create a consistent blended material at a rate of 75 to 350 tons per hour.

Integrated computer controls give the UNIQUE operator a complete picture as the conveyor belt and asphalt pump deliver raw materials to the mixing chamber, where a series of paddles powerfully combine them as they are carried towards the discharge end.

The main factors that affect mixing time and capabilities are the mixing chamber size, material being mixed, floor length, and paddle overlap area. Pug mills are used in many industrial applications such as base stabilization, asphalt recycling and new asphalt mixing processes.

The ability to load the aggregate and liquid on either side of the machine, with hydraulically powered grizzly screening frozen or oversize chunks, gives us flexibility when mixing at your location.
Each production is thoroughly documented with an output in tons and gallons printed for your records. Our pug mills are calibrated prior to each mix and annually inspected and certified by an ISO accredited scale manufacturer.

Safety is important when operating a pug mill. Operators are responsible for safe use of the equipment. So, it is essential that equipment controls are adjusted according the Unique production supervisor or customer. Unique Paving’s pug mills are available on a first come first serve basis. Geographic availability is factored in as well. Contact Unique Paving Materials today to learn more about our pug mill services.

Asphalt Mixing Processes