WKYC Covers UNIQUE Paving Materials & Our Non-Coal Tar Sealer – INTEGRA-SEAL®

It started when USA Today published an article on the potential hazards of coal tar sealer – a pavement sealing solution that several studies have concluded to contain hazardous chemicals that elevate lifetime cancer risk. Concern over the risk of these chemicals leaching into the soil and getting into water supplies via rainwater run-off have caused an increasing  number of cities and municipalities, as well as hardware mega-stores such as Lowe’s, Ace Hardware and the Home Depot, to ban its sale and use.

Local television news station WKYC of Cleveland then contacted UNIQUE Paving Materials regarding our own INTEGRA-SEAL®, a non-coal tar sealer featuring zero VOCs & PAHs as well as no coal tar at all. Indeed, UNIQUE started working on a more environmentally friendly, asphalt-based sealants twenty years ago.

WKYC came to UNIQUE’s facilities in the Cleveland area and interviewed our President, Michael Pemberton, about coal tar sealer as well as our innovative replacement product in INTEGRA-SEAL®. We were delighted to get the good press about our great product, as well as to participate in the ongoing dialogue about coal tar sealant.

Questions? Concerns? You can contact UNIQUE and we will get back to you. Feel free to comment on this blog post below as well to get your own dialogue started on this important issue.

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